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2019 – Design, Development, and Direction of Boutique and Lifestyle Hotels

Jack Pulvirenti, CPA 03.27.19 | Berdon Industry Insights The Bisnow New York 2019 Hotel Summit, held in January at the New York Marriott Downtown, gave attendees a peek into the […]

“The Perfect Accounting Storm” is Coming: Is your Company Ready?

Smit Shah, CPA 09.13.2018 | Berdon Industry Insights The biggest change to accounting rules in over a decade is on the horizon and most privately owned businesses may not be […]

Sales and Use Tax for the New York City Hotel Industry

State and Local Tax Team 08.02.2018 | Berdon Industry Insights Notwithstanding the nearly $2 billion in tax revenue collected by New York City (NYC) annually, the hotel industry remains one […]

Tip Reporting Rules and Responsibilities

Thea Kruger, J.D., LL.M. 07.09.2018 | Berdon Industry Insights For restaurant owners, navigating the requirements surrounding employee tip income can prove challenging. Nevertheless, complying with the various tax and labor […]

Hospitality and OTAs – Navigating Changes in Recognizing Revenue

Scott Heller, CPA 06.07.2018 | Berdon Industry Insights In an ideal world, most hotels would prefer only direct bookings, but this is neither possible nor always preferable in the age […]

Combating Fraud in the Hospitality Industry

Smit Shah, CPA 02.20.2018 | Berdon Industry Insights Fraud has a detrimental impact on most businesses and the hospitality industry is not immune to it. According to the Report to […]

Restaurant Benchmarking – Taking the Pulse of Your Operation

Nicholas Loguercio, CPA, CFE 09.27.2017 | Industry Insights In the restaurant business, the line between success and failure may be thin. Fortunately, however, restaurant owners have some control over much […]

Primer on Hotel Occupancy Tax in New York City

Berdon Tax Tean 08.01.2017 | Berdon Industry Insights Hotels are an increasing target for tax revenue and are constantly being audited by New York State (“NYS”) and New York City […]

State, DOL Continue Crackdown on Tip Pooling, Reporting

Smit Shah, CPA 02.09.2017 | Berdon Industry Insights Restaurateurs must comply with very specific federal and state tip pooling laws, rules, and regulations as lawsuits and Department of Labor (DOL) […]